Sunday, January 20, 2013

Post egg

Here is an egg piece I made accompanying figure this time. I love this piece, to me it screams art deco...or of these days I will learn the distinction.


One thing you can always count on is for time to pass. With a baby, it passes like a bullet train. Our little addition to the family has already passed his four month birthday. It is so wonderful to have this opportunity to become a mother yet again! I will say that this one is work...holy cow is he ever. My visions of a sweet little baby gazing up at me from first a bassinet and then a playpen, while I toil away at what I love- dolls, sculpting, costuming, stitching, teaching about the art of passementerie- have evaporated into clouds of fussiness, sleep deprivation, co-sleeping and napping in my arms while the time ticks away. No matter though. There is plenty of time later...right? Somebody throw me a bone!!!

2012 wrapped up as a pretty good year artistically speaking, if not very productive. Pregnancy is hard on an older body and childbirth about like being hit by a truck. But I am proud of what I did accomplish, and hopefully these surreal ideas in my head, visions of fairies and babies and sparkling decorated eggs, will someday transcend the thin boundaries of my brain and find their way to a physical form. Alas, the dreams of these future endeavors keep kind company for me.

I finished the "Heartbreaker" mother and child piece that I started and of which I previously posted pictures in progress.

Here are a couple of "in progress" pictures:

I really had fun making the needlepoint shoes, too.
The "Heartbreakers" are from a class I yook with A is for Artistic, with a wonderful teacher and world renowned doll artist, Ankie Daanen.

I also took another great class from Diane Keeler, "Sculpt a Teddy Bear", starrind sweet Willie. I really wanted to do something different and have fun. I found this reaaly wierd fashion fur at Hancock Fabrics and decided to give it a whirl. I really love how this bear came out. Let me tell you, the way Diane does her instructions, you just can't fail. Without further ado, meet the "Red Bearon".

So I have embarked on more classes, all while trying to finish others...I wish there could be more free time in day, but I wouldn't change things for the world. More soon I hope!!!

Check out the tassel web site...videos are up and running...on YouTube too.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wow I can't believe it has been since July that I last posted. Well I am a mother again after 18 years! What a thrill and a blessing.

I have not forgotten about my work though. Here are the projects I have been working on at a snail's pace, between family visiting, being pregnant, giving birth, and trying to recover and adjust...

This is the doll head I posted the last time that was not finished...and voila! Hands and feet. Although I love the hands...but considering the outfit I want to make I am thinking that black gloved hands would have been really cool.

Here is the poly clay fairy:

I have her envisioned in my head and can't wait till I have time to finish her up. I am going to go nuts with those wings...

I also have been working slowly on another Ankie Daanen class I am taking with A is for Artistic. Here is my progress:

These are my little mama and baby dolls that will be together...the ideas for their costumes and hair are in my little mind. Shoes too! Wish me time and luck on these. This little guy of mine is a fussy Gus and he comes first naturally.

I worked on the tassel site today too! It has a new tassel tv page where all the videos will be, in addition to Youtube.

So for now,


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Evolving Dolls and Tassel Video

It is so interesting to watch a sculpted doll develop, especially those done with air dry clay. The process of sanding, adding clay, sanding again, and detailing often yield a completely different face. Here is my lady from the other day (this doll is sculpted with Premix):

I re-sculpted the lips probably about five times. It is a joyfully painful learning process! The little polymer clay fairy's armature is ready...actually the torso and legs are complete too but I haven't taken pictures of that yet.

Tassel videos are coming along and I don't thing are going to need much editing. they look pretty good, for what I am trying to do right now anyway!

It is a process, and let me tell you at eight months pregnant I am never sure what day things are going to get done, mostly due to the fatigue factor. Thanks to all who are patiently waiting for me to get it together!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tassel Topper and OOAK Heads on Sticks! What a Start to the Day!

Well the itch is there for the scratching. I am working on the tassel site...if you have ever built an information based web site with all the bells and whistles you know it takes time. Today I sanding down and am painting one of my own wood tassel forms that I put together. One of the things I am consistently asked is "where do you find the wooden tops for making tassels?" Having made tassels for many years I have some resources, and have had a number turned on my own. However, who wants to pay 5, 10, or even 20 dollars for a wood piece that is going to be covered? The answer is to put together the myriad shapes that you can find right in your own chain craft stores, add a litle clay, sand, paint, and be on your way to a gorgeous piece of art.

Gosh it is soooooooooo hot this summer. It is going to take forever for the paint to dry in the humidity, I always spray chemicals including paint in the garage, because no one likes or needs the fumes.

As ususal the itch to make dolls is also there needing to be scratched. So here are my too new girls. I just love fantasizing about their hair, costumes, etc. The only thing I can't decide on is a color scheme for the larger doll. Any thoughts?

Well back out the sauna/garage to check on the form.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tassel for Tutorial: Second Color Version

Hi all! Here is the white tassel that will be featured on the video. I will be posting free instructions for making the Swarovski Rivoli crystal embellishment on the tassel form, but it is optional.

See you there! Cheers!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Tasselling We Go

Time to tassel! Let the fibers fly! We are going into the video studio today to work on video tutorials...I will be teaching how to make this very simple but elegant tassel. This is intended to be your foundation piece, because once you have mastered the techniques required to make this tassel, you can then do just about anything with some effort and practice.

Don't worry! Your tassel does not have to be pink! Actually the tassel in the video is white. I just made a pink one to use up some pink crochet cotton I had. After all, making tassels, especially "practice" pieces, doesn't have to be expensive-part of the practicality of this art form is is gives you a chance to use up some of your stash of fibers. In future tutorials, we will be doing just that, and dyeing our old fibers to make a whole new work of art.

Don't worry about the wood form either. We will address that in the video.

Don't forget to stop by to see this unfold!